Notice of Poster Presentation
in Annual Fall Meeting 2013

Poster Size  Wide 90cm × Height 120cm

  1. You can use pins to fix poster on the board.
  2. Pins are available on site.
  3. Please prepare other items you need including the pointer.
  4. Please put your name card on during presentation.
  5. Poster will be graded for Best poster Award during the time of poster presentation.
  6. If presenter is changed, the poster presentation will be out of grading.
  7. Winners of the 2013 Fall Meeting Best Poster Award will be listed in the corner of the event hall in the afternoon of Sep. 18
  8. Winners will publicized in “Materia,Japan”.
Schedule of Poster Session
September 17
Part I (No.P1~P80)

12:00~12:30Preparation for poster session
12:30~14:30Presentation and point rating
Part II (No.P81~P163)
14:30~15:00Preparation for poster session
15:00~17:00Presentation and point rating

September 18
13:00~Winners of the Best Poster Award will be listed in the front of Room WS1 at the Natural Science and Technology Hall .