2012 Autumn Annual Meeting Program
Amorphous Materials & Quasicrystals 17T 18T 
Intelligent Materials 17S
Energitic-particles Beam and Materials Interaction・ Nuclear Materials 18E 19E
Environment and Recycling 17Q
Solidification/Crystal Growth 19K
Intermetallics 19C
Shape Memory/Martensite Materials 18S
Computational Materials/Materials Design 18P 19P
Coatings 18C
High-temperature Oxidation and Corrosion 17R 18R
High-temperature Deformation/Creep 18Q
Functionality and Physics of Magnetism 18O
Phase Diagram/Phase Equilibrium 18L
Catalysts Materials 18R
Spintronics and Nanomagnetism 18O
Hydrogen 17A
Hydrogen and Hydrogen storage Mateials 18A
Hydrogen storage Mateials 18A
Hydrogen Permeation Mateials 19A
Aquasolution Corrosion 19Q
Ceramics 18C
Biomaterials and Health Care Materials 17M 18M 19M
Bonding ; Interface 17H 18H
Phase Transformation, Precipitation and Microstructure Control 17U 18U 19U
Heat-resistance Materials 19S
Superconducting Materials 17C
Ultra-fine Grained Materials 19H
Foundamentals of Steels 17K
Battery Materials/Ionic Conductor 19A
Nano-Scale ; Emerging Materials 19O
Thermoelectric Materials 19L
Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials 17O 18O
Interconnect ; Packaging Materials 19N
Semiconductors/Thin Films 17N 19O
Surface Modification Process 19C
Composite Materials 19F
Analysis and Characterization 17V 18V
Powder Metallurgy/Sintering Technology 18L
Porous Materials 18F
Micro Joining 18Q
Magnesium 18D 19D
Molen Materials/High Temperature Properties 17Q
Mechanical Properties 18V
Symposium Themes
S1 Bulk Nanostructured MetalsII 17I 18I 19I
S2 Present Status and Future Prospects of Studies on Biomedical Co-Cr Alloys 17J 18J
S3 Low-dimensional nanomaterials and their functions grown in the physically/chemically excited reaction field VIII 18K
S4 New Perspectives in Structural and Functional Intermetallics Alloys 17B 17C 18B 19B
S5 Estimation, Control and Simulation Technique for nano-scale Grain Boundaries in Electronic Devices 18N 19N
JIM-ISIJ Joint Session
Titanium and its alloys 18G 19G
Fundamentals to Control Ultrafine Grained Microstructures 19W
Poster Session
Poster Session 17 Media Center 1st Flr. Media Hall