2011 Sprign Annual Meeting Date and Room by Session

Session Date · Room
Amorphous Materials & Quasicrystals 26M 27M
Energitic particles Beam and Materials Interaction 26I
Ionic Conductor 25R
Intelligent Materials 27E
Environment and Recycling 25S
Solidification/Crystal Growth 26P
Intermetallics 27C
Technology and Society 26R
Computational Materials/Materials Design 25M
Shape Memory/Martensite Materials 27F
Nuclear Materials 26I 27I
High-temperature Oxidation and Corrosion 26P
High-temperature Deformation/Creep 25P
Coatings 27R
Functionality and Physics of Magnetism 26B 27B
Phase Diagram/Phase Equilibrium 26J
Catalysts Materials 25J 26J
Hydrogen 26R
Hydrogen storage Mateials 25Q 26Q 27Q
Hydrogen Permeation Mateials 26Q
Aquasolution Corrosion 27P
Spintronics and Nanomagnetism 27B
Biomaterials and Health Care Materials 25G 26G 27G
Bonding; Interface 26J
Ceramics 27R
Phase Transformation, Precipitation and Microstructure Control 26S 27S
Soft Magnetic Materials 26B
Heat-resistance Materials 27H
Superconducting Materials 25H
Ultra-fine Grained Materials 25L
Nano-Scale; Emerging Materials 25I
Lead-free Solders 25C
Thermoelectric Materials 27O
Hard Magnetic Materials 26B
Interconnect; Packaging Materials 25B
Thin Films 26E
Semiconductors 25B
Analysis and Characterization 27J
Composite Materials 27O
Cultural Properties 26R
Powder Metallurgy/Sintering Technology 26S
Porous Materials 26O
Magnesium 25N 26N
Molen Materials/High Temperature Properties 25O
Mechanical Properties 27N
Symposium 】  
S1 Nano plating(II) 26L
S2 Low-dimensional nanomaterials and their functions grown in the physically/chemically excited reaction field (V) 26C
S3 Lattice Defect Engineering VI 26D 27D
S4 Frontiers of Computational Materials Science: Toward the High Reliability and the Fruitful Collaboration with Materials Development 25K 26K 27K
S5 Nano-metallurgy to innovate the conventional properties of metals 26H
S6 Development of new functionality in 3d magnetic metals 25E 26E
S7 Materials Science of high-performance batteries-II 26A 27A
S8 Advanced Materials Science in Displacive Transformations II 25F 26F 27F
JIM-ISIJ Joint Session  
4 Titanium and its alloys 26T (ISIJ's Room No. 13)
5 Fundamentals to Control Ultrafine Grained Microstructures 27L
2 Fundamentals to Control Ultrafine Grained Microstructures 27U (ISIJ's Room No. 7)
Poster Session 25   Build. No. 2 1st Flr.