Fall Annual Meeting 2006
Date and Room by Session

Session Date・Room
Amorphous Materials/Quasicrystals 16V, 16W, 17V, 17W 18V
Ionic Conductor 16C
Intelligent Materials 16I, 17I
Medical Materials 16L
Energitic-Particles Beam and Materials Interaction 16A
Environment and Recycling 17F
Environment and Culture Properties 16Y
Solidification/Crystal Growth 17W
Intermetallics 17Q
Shape Memory Materials; Martensites 16J, 17J, 18J
Computational Materials Science 16X
Light-Weight Alloys 16H
Nuclear Materials 17A18A
High-Temperature Oxidation/Corrosion 16E, 17E
High-Temperature Deformation/Creep and Superplasticity 18F
Coating Materials and Properties 17N, 18N
Magnetic Materials 16U, 17U, 18U
Phase Diagram/Phase Equilibrium 16T
Catalysts Materials 16F
Hydrogen 16B
Hydrogen Storage Materials 16D, 17D, 18D
Hydrogen Permiation 17B
Aquasolution Corrosion 18E
Biological Response 16L
Biofunctionalization 18L
Biomaterials 17L, 18L
Bonding/Interface 17I, 18I
Ceramics 16N, 17N
Phase Transformation, Precipitation and Microstructure Control 17G, 18G
Heat-Resistance Materials 18C
Superconducting Materials 16P
Ultra-Fine Grained Materials 18X
Iron and Steel 16H
THz Electronics/Photonics 16R
Battery Materials 18D
Lead-Free Solders 17F
Nano Materials/New Materials 17T, 18T
Thermoelectric Materials 18B
Interconnect/Packaging Materials 18R
Bioceramics 17L
Thin Films 16R
Semiconductors 17R
Surface Modification 17S
Composites 17P
Analysis and Characterization 17S
Powder Metallurgy/Sintering Technology 16G
Magnesium 17H, 18H
Molen Materials/High Temperature Property 17E
Mechanical Properties 17Q, 18Q

【Symposium Themes】 Date・Room
S1 A New Trend in Materials and Surface Characterization using Low Energy Electrons
—What have we been observing by SEM?—
S2 New Perspectives in Structural and Functional Intermetallic Alloys 16O 16Q 17O 18O
S3 Recent Development on Multifunctional Porous Materials 16K 17K 18K
S4 Forefront Studies of Irradiation Embrittlement Mechanism of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel
Steels―Towards Forcast of Embrittlement Based on the Microscopic Mechanism―
16C 17C
S5 New Aspects of Advanced Ceramics by Nano-Scale Materials Design 16M 17M 18M

【Materials Research Strategy Session】 Date・Room
Section 2 Ecomaterial「Nature Tech.」 17Y
Section 4 Bio and Healthcare Materials「Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering」 17L

【JIM-ISIJ Joint Session】 Date・Room
2 Titanium and Its Alloys 16Z17Z(ISIJ's Room)
4 Fundamentals to Control Ultrafine Grained Microstructures 17X(JIM's Room)

【Poster Session】 16大学会館2Flr.

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