MaterTrans j_InstMetals materia_j Ti-2007
Mater.Trans. J. Japan Inst.
Metals, Mater.
(in Japanese)
Materia Japan
(in Japanese)
Ti-2007 Science and
JIM publishes three monthly periodicals: Materia Japan(in Japanese), the membership periodical of general technical interests; Journal of The Japan Institute of Metals(in Japanese), the scientists and engineers periodical of original technical papers with synopses and figures in English; Materials Transactions, the scientists and engineers periodical in English and collaboratively published with other 14 Institutes in the field of Materials Science from January, 2001. Other publications include Introductory Courses of Chemical Metallurgy, Contemporary Metallurgy, Metallurgical Engineering Series, Metals Handbook, Metals Data Book, Word Book of Metallurgy and so forth.
Proceedings of international conferences and symposia sponsored by JIM are also on sale.