Outline of The Japan Institute of Metals

(1) Objectives
The Japan Institute of Metals, JIM, was founded as a non-profit public organization on February 14,1937 with the primary objective of promotion and development of science and technology of metals and materials.

(2) Headquarters and Local Chapters
JIM's headquarters is located near Institute of Materials Research of Tohoku University in Sendai, about 400 km north of Tokyo.
Eight Chapters are distributed in regional areas throughout Japan, though no overseas chapters are established.

(3) Current Number of Members
JIM holds about 5,400 regular members, 1000 student members and others totaling 7100 members. Among regular members half are from the industry sector. Membership is fully open to qualified persons abroad as overseas members.

(4) Organization
The Board of Directors of JIM consists of 29 Directors including 1 President and 3 Vice Presidents and 1 Executive Director. Directors are mutually elected from 230 Councilors.

(5) Activities
JIM has more than 20 standing committees and some ad-hoc committees established as necessary to accomplish major tasks in the objectives of JIM. Major activities of JIM are as follows.

1. Publications
JIM publishes three monthly periodicals: Materia Japan(in Japanese),the membership periodical of general technical interests; Journal of The Japan Institute of Metals(in Japanese), the scientists and engineers periodical of original technical papers with synopses and figures in English; Materials Transactions, the scientists and engineers periodical in English and collaboratively published with other 10 Institutes in the field of Materials Science from January,2001. Materials Journal Portal Site is opened at http://matjournal.org/ with collaboration of journals of Materials Transactions, Polymer Journal and Science, Technology for Advanced Materials, Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan and Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan. Other publications include Introductory Courses of Chemical Metallurgy, Contemporary Metallurgy, Metallurgical Engineering Series, Metals Handbook, Metals Data Book, Word Book of Metallurgy and so forth.
Proceedings of international conferences and symposia sponsored by JIM are also on sale.

2. Meetings and Conferences
JIM holds 3-day Annual Meetings twice a year, in spring and in fall, with presentations of over 2500 papers in total annually.
The Technical Division Committee offers about ten symposia during the Annual Meetings on selected topics on advanced materials and processing. About five symposia on advanced topics and several seminars on fundamental topics are held annually at suitable occasions on provide a number of opportunities for its members to participate and pursue individual technical interests.
JIM's International Conferences (JIMIC) have frequently been and will be organized and sponsored by JIM, currently including “Ti-2007 Science and Technology” in 2007.
JIM's International Symposia (JIMIS) have also frequently been and will be organized and sponsored by JIM, currently including “Recrystallization and Related Phenomena” in 1999.

3. Technical Divisions
Technical Divisions are in full activities in the following 6 categories:
1)Energy Materials
3)Electronics and Information Materials
4)Bio and Healthcare Materials
5)Structural Materials
0)Materials and Society
Each category holds two areas;
A)Application and Emergence
B)Fundamental Properties and Processing

4. International Academic Exchanges
JIM signed the agreements of the academic exchanges with The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society in 1989, The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials in 1983 and Brazilian Society for Metals in 1989.
The joint symposia of KIM and JIM have been held since 1999.
JIM is also one of the most active members of International Organization of Materials, Metals & Minerals Societies.

(6) Awards
Twenty different kinds of awards are annually conferred to individuals and groups in recognition of their outstanding achievements in advancing science and technology of metallurgy and materials science. The most honorable award is The Japan Institute of Metals Gold Medal, which was conferred, for example, to Dr.A.Seeger, Dr.J.W.Cahn, Dr.J.W.Christian and Dr.M.C.Flemings.
The other honor is to become a honorary member, which was conferred, for example, to Dr.J.F.Knott, Dr.T.G.Langdon, Dr.D.Shechtman, Dr.N.J.Themelis.

(7) Privileges of Membership
The member of JIM is entitled to the followings.

1. To get free subscription of one volume of either Materia Japan(in Japanese) or Journal of The Japan Institute of Metals(in Japanese) or Materials transactions(in English)
2. To contribute papers to Materials Transactions and Journal of The Japan Institute of Metals at a member price.
3. To purchase JIM publications at a member price.
4. To participate in JIM Seminars, JIM Symposia and JIM Annual Meetings at a member price.
5. To present papers at JIM Annual Spring and Fall Meetings without presentation fee.

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