Magnetic Anisotropy and
Coercivity in Rare-Earth
Transition Metal Alloys

Edited by

H. Kaneko
M. Homma
M. Okada

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Preface H. Kaneko, M. Homma and M. Okada

Session 1: RE-TM Materials I

Rare-Earth (R), Transition Metal (T) Intermetallics Obtained by the Dumb-Bell Substitution Method

J. M. Cadogan ······· S3

Synthesis Structural and Magnetic Properties of a Novel Series of Intermetallic Compounds Nd3(Fe1−xCox)27.5Ti1.5 (x=0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4)

D. K. Gioureli, O. Kalogirou, A. C. Stergiou, G. Makaronides,G. Litsardakis, S. Katemliades and M. Gjoka ······· S15

Coercivity Mechanisms of Nanocomposite Sm2Co17/Co Alloys

S. K. Chen, J. L. Tsai and T. S. Chin ······· S25

Magnetic Moment and Anisotropy in R2Fe17 and RFe11Ti Single Crystals under Pressure

Z. Arnold, J. Kamarád, O. Mikulina, B. Garcia-Landaand M. R. Ibarra ······· S35

The Role of Intergranular Regions in Sintered Nd-Fe-B Magnets with (BH)max>420 kJ/m3 (52.5 MGOe)

J. Fidler, T. Schrefl, S. Sasaki and D. Süss ······· S45

Session 2: Micromagnetics

Micromagnetic Modelling of Nanocomposite Magnets

T. Schrefl, J. Fidler and D. Süss ······· S57

On the Effect of the Dipolar Interactions on the Hysteretic Properties of Hard-Soft Nanocomposite Samples: the Role of the Maximum Applied Field and the Temperature

J. M. González, M. I. Montero, P. Crespo, P. Marín,M. Alocén, V. Raposo and A. Hernando ······· S73

Review of Coercivity Mechanisms and the Microstructure of Nanocrystalline Permanent Magnets

H. Kronmüller ······· S83

Session 3: Anisotropy and Magnetic Aftereffect

Coercivity Mechanism in the Multi-Domain Sm2Fe17N3 Particles Reacted with Zn Metal at Various Temperatures

K. Kobayashi, H. Sugiyama, M. Ohmura and K. Hayakawa ······· S95

Analysis of the Hysteresis Loop of Permanent Magnets by the Energetic Model

M.-H. Yu, R. Grössinger, M. Küpferling, Z.-D. Zhang,H. Hauser, R. Sato and B. Enzberg-Mahlke ······· S105

On the Origin of Anomalous Magnetic Aftereffects and Thermal Remagnetization

K.-H. Müller, M. Wolf, D. Echert and U. K. Rößler ······· S115Session 4: RE-TM Materials II

X-ray diffraction and Calorimetric Study of Crystallization Behavior of Melt-Spun Amorphous Alloys of Fe3B/Nd2Fe14B-type Nanocomposite Permanent Magnets

S. Hirosawa, Y. Shigemoto, K. Murakami and H. Kanekiyo ······· S127

A Micromagnetic Analysis of the Experimental Methods Used to Evaluate the Activation Volume

R. Smirnov-Rueda, J. M. González, O. A. Chubykalo and J. González ······· S137

Micromagnetic Calculation of Magnetic Properties of Anisotropic Exchange-Spring Magnets

H. Fukunaga and H. Nakamura ······· S147

Permanent Magnetic Properties in Some Sm2Fe17N3 Particles Prepared by Changing Mechanically Grinding Conditions

I. Sasaki, H. Fujii and H. Okada ······· S155

Phase Condition and Structure, Formed at an Annealing of Quenched Fe-Nd Alloys

B. V. Jalnin, E. V. Obrucheva, D. V. Obruchev, M. F. de Campos,A. Teresiak, R. Hermann, F. Schurack and L. Schultz ······· S165

Newly Developed Rare-Earth Manganese Nitride with High Magnetic Anisotropy Field

T. Hidaka, H. Nishio and A. Fukuno ······· S173

Site Preference and Interstitial Modification of (Nd, Sm)5(Fe, Ti)17

R. K. Murakami, P. S. M. da Silva, V. Villas-Boas, F. P. Missell,J. Mestnik Filho, Z. Chu and W. B. Yelon ······· S183

Development of Manufacturing Process for High Residual Magnetic Flux Density of Magnet Powders Pellets Used by Anisotropic Plastic-Bonded Magnet

Y. Matsuyama, D.-Y. Ju and H.-Y. Zhao ······· S191

Coercivity Mechanisms in 2:17 Type of Permanent Magnets

S. Liu and E. Kuhl S201

Determination of the Temperature and Angular Dependence of the Switching Field of Isotropic Nd2Fe14B, Sm2Co17 and Barium Ferrite Magnets by Remanence Angle Measurements

P. N. Thurner, H. R. Kirchmayr, K. Elk and L. Jahn ······· S211

A Study of Magneto-Volume Effects in Sm2Fe17Nx (0<x<3) Systems of Intermediate Nitrogen Concentration

K. Kobayashi, M. Ohmura, Y. Okada and Y. Yoshida ······· S219

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