2017 Autumn Annual Meeting Program

Session Date・Room
Abrasion and Tribology 7E
Aluminum and Its Alloys 7N
Amorphous Materials and Quasicrystals 6R 7R
Analysis/Characterization/Evaluation/Advanced Techniques 8G
Biomaterials, Medical Materials and Health Care Materials 6O 7P
Biostructural Function 8O
Biosurfaces and Biointerface Functions 7O
Catalysts 6M
Cell Functions and Tissue Regeneration 6O
Composite Materials 8R
Computational Materials Science and Materials Design 7G
Copper and Its Alloys 6K
Corrosion and Protection 7F
Diffusion and Phase Transformations 8T
Fatigue and Fracture 7V
Grain Boundaries and Interfaces 7V
Hard Magnetic Materials 8H
Heat Resistant Materials for Jet Engines and Gas Turbines 8M
High Temperature Deformation, Creep and Superplasticity 6V
High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion 8F
Hydrides/Hydrogen Storage and Hydrogen Permeation Materials 8D
Interconnection, Packaging and Micro Joining Materials 7K
Intermetallics 6J
Ionic Conduction and Transport Phenomena 6E
Iron and Steel 8S
Lattice Defects, Defect Control and Plastons 7V
Magnesium and Its Alloys 7I 8I
Magnetic Functions and Properties 8H
Manufacturing Processes and Energy Saving Technology 8L
Nanomaterials and Emerging Materials 7R
Nuclear Materials 7A 8A
Porous Materials 7R
Powder and Sintering Materials 6N
Properties of Thin Films, Multilayer Films and Superlattices 6F
Recrystallization, Grain Growth and Texture 6T
Recycling 6L
Semiconducting Materials 8K
Shape Memory Materials 6P
Solidification, Crystal Growth and Casting 7L
Spintronics Materials and Nanomagnetic Materials 6H
Strength and Mechanical Properties of Materials 8V
Superconducting Materials 8K
Surface Treatments and Modification/Coatings 8E
Tailor-Made Medical Materials 8O
Thermodynamics, Phase Diagrams and Phase Equilibria 8T
Thermoelectric Materials 8N
Titanium and Its Alloys 8Q
Ultrafine-Grained Materials (Bulk Nanometals) 6I
Welding and Joining 6S 7S
Session Date・Room
S1 New Perspectives of Structural and Functional Intermetallic Compounds 6C 7C 8C
S2 Metallurgy for advanced catalytic materials 7M
S3 Practical tuning of electronic, magnetic and IT materials assisted by processing (2) 6H 7H
S4 Exploration of nanostructure-property relationships for materials innovation 6B 7B 8B
S5 Material Science in Nano/Micro-scale 3D Structures III 7T
S6 Exploration of new research field and collaboration in functional Heusler alloys 7J 8J
S7 Control of surface/interface structure in biomaterials and the subsequent cell/tissue reaction on the surface 7O
S8 Hydrogen Energy Materials-VII 6D 7D
S9 Materials Integration 6U 7U 8U
JIM-ISIJ Joint Session
Session Date・Room
JIM-ISIJ Joint Session: Titanium and Its Alloys 6Q 7Q 8Q
JIM-ISIJ Joint Session:Fundamentals to Controll Ultrafine Grained Microstructures 8N
JIM-ISIJ Joint Session: Materials science of martensitic and bainitic transformations and its applications 6 7 8 ISIJ's No.18
Special Symposium
Session Date・Room
Present state and future perspectives of Ti alloys as structural materials 7Q
"KAKENHI" Seminar 6 Openhall
Symposium on 80th anniversary of foundation of JIM 7 Openhall
Session Date・Room
KIM-JIM Symposium 6A
Poster Session
Session Date・Room
Poster Session 6 Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Bldg.